Aluminium kayak trolley canoe


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 Aluminium  kayak  trolley


Capacity: 100kg
Wheels diameters: 26 cm
Total size dimensions: 60 x 37 cm
Weight: 2.9kg CART
$70.00 each
Package Contents

1 x Kayak Trolley
1 x Tie Down Strap
1 x User Manual
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Taree nsw

Introducing the aluminium kayak trolley which enable you to move the watercraft around without straining your back. This aluminium kayak trolley is made from durable marine grade anodised aluminium frame which enable moving of massive weight capacity up to 100kg.

The U-shape kickstand design enables stability of the trolley and prevents it from tipping over when loading and moving. Now you can easily load and move your watercraft even when you are alone. It is designed to be lightweight and collapsible for easy storage. Bring it along with you for the next outing!
Marine-grade anodised aluminium frame
High density foam bumpers to protect your watercraft
U-shape kickstand for enhanced stability
2 x 4m Cam buckle straps
Collapsible design for easy storage (on the rear of watercraft)
Lightweight & Compact construction
Adjustable arms to fit a wide range of kayaks and canoes

Taree nsw

Kayak & Canoe Leashes


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  •  $12.00 each
    Elastic 140 cm long
    Kayak Paddle & Fishing rod Leash.
    Bungee Safety Boat Fishing Canoe Rod Lanyard Cord
    - Safety Kayak Canoe Paddle Leash Fishing Rod Pole Coiled Lanyard Cord
    - It connects the paddle to the kayak to prevent the paddle from drifting away
    - With copper buckle, helps to connect the leash to the kayak tightly
    - Good abrasion resistance, elastic leash allows for free movement of your hands
    - It is usually used for kayak canoe paddles, fishing rods, also can be used for other items that need to be secured while in the boat
    - Main Material: TPU
    - Stretched Length: Approx. 140 cm / 55.12 inch
    - Colour: Red
    Taree NSW
    Easily secures your paddle to your kayak
    Helps prevent paddle loss and doesn't inhibit paddling
    Attaches to any eye strap using the conviende and easy to use snap lock
    Built in quick release buckle